Clash of Clans Hack GRATUIT – Android/iPhone

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Le Grand Theft Auto V Beach Bum Pack Sera Lancé Plus Tard la Semaine Prochaine

Maintenant que tout le Stimulus Package est fait, Rockstar Games peuvent enfin se concentrer dans le développement et la libération packs DLC pour Grand Theft Auto V qui est très réussi. Un nouveau pack DLC sera publié la semaine prochaine , comme l’a révélé le Grand Theft Auto V Social Club officiel Twitter . Le Lire la Suite »

Le site internet Google Palestine a été hacké et dégradé

Il y’a quelques minutes, le site internet Google Palestine a été hacké et dégradé par un groupe de hackers. « Oncle Google, nous te saluons de la Palestine pour vous rappeler que sur Google map, le pays ne s’appelle pas Israël mais Palestine » a écrit le hacker. A Google Aucune information est une bonne information Cold Lire la Suite »

Generateur de Code PSN – GRATUIT

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Les trois personnages principaux de GTA 5 ne seront pas tous jouables à partir du début

Donnant aux joueurs un accès immédiat à Michael, Franklin et Trevor auraient «rendu le jeu trop rapide », dit R0ckstar. Les trois principaux personnages de Grand Theft Auto 5 – Michael, Franklin et Trevor – ne seront pas tous jouables au début du jeu, a révélé Rockstar. Par ailleurs, vous pouvez télécharger Grand Theft Auto Lire la Suite »

La version hackée de Verizon Femtocell permets aux hackers d’espionner les appels téléphoniques à partir d’iPhone et d’Android

Two Security experts from iSEC Partners have found a way to spy on Verizon wireless mobile phone customers by hacking into devices the U.S. Carrier sells to boos Wireless signals indoors.

In a demonstration for Reuters, researchers Ritter and Doug DePerry show how they are able to spy on phone calls, messages and photos made with iPhone and Android phones by using a Verizon femtocell that they had previously hacked.

« This is not about how the NSA would attack ordinary people. This is about how ordinary people would attack ordinary people, » Reuters quoted a senior consultant with the security firm iSEC Partners , Tom Ritter as saying.

Verizon reportedly updated the software on its signal-boosting devices, known as femtocells or network extenders,to thwart hackers from copying the technique of the two experts.

« The Verizon Wireless Network Extender remains a very secure and effective solution for our customers » Verizon spokesperson said in a statement after they fixed the bug.

However, researchers claimed their technique still works because they had modified the device before the company pushed out the software fix. Experts told Reuters that the further details will be shared at the two upcoming hacking conferences : Black Hat and DefCon.

Le nouveau Mac Malware « Janicab » a abusé RLO de cacher une extension

A New Mac Malware has been spotted by F-Secure researchers which is capable of continuously taking screenshots and recording audio and uploading them to a remote server.

What’s interesting about this mac malware is it abuses the Right-to-Left Override(RLO) character to hide it is real extension.  However, the method is not new for Windows malware which is used by Bredolab and other trojans.

The RLO character (U+202e in unicode) is designed to support languages that are written right to left, such as Arabic and Hebrew.

The malware analyzed by F-Secure uses « Recent New.ppa.pdf » as file name for the malicious file. By just looking at the extension, we may think it is just a pdf file, but in reality you are opening an executable .APP file.

Because of the RLO character in the malicious file, the usual file quarantine notification from OS X will be backwards.

file quarantine notification -Image Credits: F-Secure

The actual notification is « RecentNews. Are you sure you want to open fdp  » is an application downloaded it » from Internet. »

Once it’s launched, the malware displays a decoy document while it silently install malicious code in the victim’s computer.

According to the F-Secure Malware report, the threat is written in Python and uses py2app for distribution and it is signed with apple Developer ID.

Les ID des adresses email de Delhi Export Compagnie ont été les hackers a piégé les clients à retirer de l’argent.

Delhi cyber cell has recently received complaints from a leading export house in the city.

The complaint was that the criminals got access of the email ids and tricked their clients by sending them mails on their behalf and managed to get $31,000 from one of the client.

On further inspection it has been noticed that the attack is done from two different parts one from Delhi and the other from London.

A case under section of fraud and Information Technology Act has been registered by the crime branch. « Till now, cyber criminals had been targeting individuals. But this shows that an extremely organized gang is committing crimes on an international level, » a source said. Times of India Reports.)

Manoj Tuli, the managing director of the company has revealed that at least three email-ids, belonging to him and his staff, were hacked by the criminals.

An officer reported that-‘In the fake emails attackers deceived the clients by informing that the company’s bank account could not receive payments any more and therefore, further payments must be made on their new account — 304259*** — of Nationwide bank in London.’

One of the emails, as accessed by TOI, reads – « Our bank just informed us about our account reaching its payment-receiving limit. Please use our new account details, attached alongwith, to make payments from now on. »  The attackers account was in the name of Naankang Dawan.

Well the officers are at their work and tracing the frauds and the route of money transaction but its time to think is anythng safe out here now.

Les cyber attaques afghanes ont hacké les sites internet du gouvernement du Pakistan

EHN reported earlier today that Indian hackers have breached Pakistan Minsitry of Education website- The hack was payback to the Goa government site hack.

Now, another a hacker group from Afghanistan called « Afghan Cyber ARmy » has break into the multiple Pakistan Government websites and left them defaced.

The hacked website includes District Government of LARKANA(, District Government Hyderabad(, SHAHEED BENAZIRABAD( and Government of Sindh(

One of the Defaced PageE Hacking News Report

« Hacked By Afghan Cyber Army.  Feel The Power of Afghanistan. We are :Afghan Haxor » The defacement message reads.

« Pray for all the innocent victims of Kabul attack this is a small answer From All Afghans Remember We are the new generation of Afghanistan and we are not stupid »

The group have also reportedly hacked into National Disaster Management Authority (, and have deleted the database.

La Base de Données de Recaler a été Piratée par l’armée électronique Syrienne

It’s been long time since we reported news updates on hacking attacks done by Syrian Electronic Army.  Just now, Syrian Electronic Army has posted a tweet saying they have hacked into TrueCaller website(

 « Sorry @Truecaller, we needed your database, thank you for it :)  #SEA #SyrianElectronicArmy » One of the Tweet reads.

In another tweet, the group has provided the database host address,database name,  username, and password in plain-text.

Speaking to E Hacking News, the hackers said they have hacked into the TrueCaller’s server and downloaded more than 7 databases.  The said the main database is 450GB.

The database is claimed to have access codes of more than million facebook, twitter, linkedin , Gmail accounts that will allow hacker to post updates from victim’s account.

The group claimed the outdated wordpress allowed them to gain access to the admin panel.

At the time of writing, they shutdown their website and it displays the following error message « We are doing some upgrades. Thank you for your patience. »